Funding youth activism

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This is a resource for funders and others who are interested in investing in young people’s drive, talent and passion to tackle issues of injustice and inequality that they experience, through organising and campaigning for change.

Different young people experience a wide range of unfair systems, policies and structures that shape their lives. Youth engagement has focussed on youth development, youth voice and youth leadership, but not invested to the same degree in youth activism and political literacy – even though social and political power shape so much about young people’s lives. Our experience is that young people are ready – and have the right – to to make change.

“I feel even more impassioned to create the change I want to see in the world because I know how to do it (mostly)”
Young person, The Advocacy Academy

The Act for Change Fund Learning Partnership

Learning for funders

What funders can do

Building young people’s power

“Why are adults so afraid of young people?”
Lucy Skelhorn, youth activist and youth funding advisor to Act for Change Fund

This is just the beginning

Putting money into young people’s collective power to address systemic inequalities is an emerging approach in the UK.

We hope to inspire, engage and enthuse more funders to support young people’s drive and passion to campaign and organise to achieve social justice.

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